Choosing Concrete Streets

The City of Bellefontaine Engineer chose concrete for the street replacement project for several reasons. Durability, look and price. Concrete is durable and has several long lasting benefits. It offers clean lines, an upscale appearance that enhances property value and portrays a good first impression with a lasting sense of quality. When the life of the concrete does finally come to an end, it is able to be crushed and recycled as high-quality aggregate and re-used in other applications.

Concrete is environmentally friendly. With its light-colored surfaces, concrete’s reflectivity can lower cooling and lighting costs. The cooler surfaces also result in cooler storm water runoff with no toxins, which benefits lakes and streams. Pervious concrete actually allows rainwater to pass through supporting ground water recharge and tree growth.

Concrete streets and parking lots pay for themselves short-term and deliver long-term benefits.  It’s made of all natural resources rather than petroleum based products, keeping the cost down and the supply available.  There is little maintenance costs involved with concrete. It doesn’t need sealed, stripped or resurfaced and Ready–Mix concrete is manufactured locally.

The newest concrete street in Bellefontaine is Spring Street, completed by a crew from Terra Valley Excating, of Belleville, Ohio and Newcomer Concrete of Norwalk, Ohio. Together with Ohio Ready Mix, they poured over 800 cubic yards of concrete.