Oldest Concrete Street in America

Did you  know that the Oldest Concrete Street in America lies right here in Logan County? Located in Bellefontaine, Ohio, Court Street was constructed in 1891.

In 1891, George W. Bartholomew approached the city council in Bellefontaine, Ohio with the proposal to pave the town’s principal streets with “artificial stone” as concrete was called at that time.  Council was doubtful as to concrete’s durability and so approved only an experimental “crosswalk” section, 8 feet wide on Main Street.  The experiment was deemed successful and in 1893, the block-long section of Court Street adjacent to the courthouse was paved and in 1894 the rest of the blocks surrounding Courthouse Square were done. 

Several markers and plaques around the courthouse show information about this fact, but the best explanation comes from the Ohio Historic Marker here. Court Street runs directly behind you if you’re reading the marker. The text of the marker reads: “America’s first concrete streets were those which surrounded this court house. Concrete was first used in 1891 to provide an 8-foot strip along Main Street where horses were hitched. Two years later Court Avenue was paved with concrete made from native marl supplied by the Buckeye Cement Company, 8 miles to the northeast. This marker was erected in 1968 at the 75th anniversary of the paving of Court Street.”