Creative Ways to Use Decorative Concrete With(out) Borders

When it comes to decorative concrete, let your imagination go. Dream in colors, full lines, contrast, and design – a design without boundaries, borders or limits. Then pull that design back into a useful border around the home or office. Enhancing concrete floors or exterior landscaping with a decorative border is easy and effective. The border can be a simple edged cut or an elaborate stenciled pattern accented with color. When designing a border without borders, it’s a great way to outline landscaping, define garden beds, or add flair to that old patio, driveway or sidewalk.  

Unlike conflict, we all enjoy contrast. Match a bold border up with an opposing pattern on a sidewalk to create an eye-catching entryway. Spice things up by adding a splash of color.

Choose a unique design in your border. Something with a brick or stone pattern always looks nice but turn up the “WOW” factor with a fancy pattern or grape-vine border. Adding elegance to your patio speaks sophistication.

You frame memories…why not frame the landscaping in the yard where memories are made? Concrete landscaped borders are dual purpose, they outline your garden beds for a clean, defined look and they serve as a mowing edge to keep your lawn separate from your garden.

Wanting a more personal touch? Use a custom stencil with your floor border for endless options to that one-of-a-kind concrete floor. Possibilities include medallions, scroll patterns, monograms and corner accents.

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