Downtown Lakeview, Ohio made Beautiful with Stenciled Concrete

Jeff & Roberta Yoder of Yoder Concrete Construction

I was asked to do a guest blog for my friends at Ohio Ready Mix. I was thrilled to do so! Then came the challenge of what to write about that you would want to read. We came up with the idea of talking about the Village of Lakeview S.R. 235 Reconstruction projects.

The first phase of this project was bid in May of 2003. Heater Excavating of West Liberty, OH, was awarded the contract as the General Contractor, and Yoder Concrete Construction was awarded the concrete portion of the work as a subcontractor. The entire street, sidewalk, lighting, fire hydrants and even benches and trash receptacles of State Route 235 that is a portion of Lake and South Main Streets were to be removed and replaced.

The original bid package called for regular concrete sidewalk with a section to be stamped in a brick pattern, similar to brick pavers you often see in downtown streetscapes. Jeff Yoder, President of Yoder Concrete Construction, met with Village administrators to discuss their options on the decorative portion of the sidewalk. After narrowing the options down, he placed two decorative concrete samples at the park on the south end of town for review. Instead of stamping, he convinced them to stencil the brick in the concrete. There are two advantages to stenciling brick instead of stamping this pattern. The first one is the realistic look of stenciling because it gives the look of individual brick pavers with a gray grout line between the bricks. The second advantage, especially for a street setting, is the color hardener that is used to color the bricks is a mixture that includes cement, the ingredient that makes concrete hard. By using color hardener to color the bricks, we added an extra amount of cement to the top layer of concrete, thus, in theory, making it more durable.

Once the details were decided and the general contractor gave us the go, our portion of the project began. It was mid October of 2003. Yoder Concrete Construction placed a total of 10,692 square foot of concrete with 3,904 square foot of it being stenciled brick. Ohio Ready Mix was a great choice as a supplier. Being in Huntsville, they were convenient to the project. The owners of Ohio Ready Mix have also been innovative in the decorative and colored concrete industry. They are one of the only ready mix plants in the area that make adding color to their concrete an easy choice for the customer and contractor. They have many color options in stock and do not charge extra for truck washout. They supplied not only the concrete and color hardener, but also sealer, expansion, caulking, form oil, plastic to protect surrounding businesses from splattering concrete, and even a concrete tool or two. One month later, we were done with our portion of Phase I, and the street opened to the public not long after.

Now fast forward to the spring of 2004. Phase II of the S.R 235 Reconstruction project was out for bid. Again, Heater Excavating was awarded the project and subsequently gave us the concrete portion. This time we were to place 12,133 square foot of sidewalk and driveway approaches with 3,800 square foot of brick stencil. By summer of 2004, this phase was also completed. The Lakeview Post Office even jumped in on the project, asking Yoder Concrete Construction to replace a section of concrete in front of their office while we were in town. Like in the Disney movie, “Cars,” once you get a nice new road, local businesses want to look nicer as well.

I invite you to visit our Facebook page and click on the photos tab to see pictures of these projects. I also encourage you to visit Lakeview to see the work in person. I love how great it still looks.

This was a guest blog featuring Yodering Concrete Construction. To find out more about Jeff and Roberta Yoder and Yoder Concrete Construction, contact Roberta at www.yoderconcrete.com or call 937-362-3210.