Pervious Concrete Tips from Bob Banka Part 4

 Top 5 Steps to Successful Pervious Concrete Installations

 We asked Bob Banka President of Concrete Management Solutions to answer some important questions in a 5 part series about Pervious Ready Mix Concrete and the best way to get the most out of a pervious concrete installation.

Question:  What are the 5 most important steps for a pervious concrete installation?

 Step 4:

 Alright, the specs were written, you and your crew are NRMCA Certified Pervious Concrete technicians or installers; you met with your local ready mix producer and have seen the pervious concrete that they are currently producing.  Either you liked the mix or you had them make a modification that you tested by doing at least a 225 square foot test panel.  Now you might wonder where this random number of 225 square feet came from and the answer is that it takes at least three yards of pervious concrete to get a real feel for the mix.  If you try to batch just a yard or two, so much material ends up sticking to the drum that you won’t get a good test but three yards is just right. 

 The next question is, how are we going to place the pervious concrete?  Choosing the right equipment will make or break you.  For smaller placements either the Lura Enterprises Lightning Strike Roller Screed or the Bunyan Roller Screed are in my opinion the two best on the market.  They have the right weight to properly compress the concrete and the power to the units to spin the screeds at the right speed.  The next question is do you want to buy the equipment or rent it on a daily basis.  Sometimes this is not an issue because one job can possibly pay for the equipment and an added benefit is that these screeds can be used for almost any flatwork and save your crew from having to bend over and rod the mud, remember, we are all getting older.  Another viable option is to find a rental house or a ready mix producer that owns a screed and rent it from them for your job.  This is an excellent idea since the producer is forward thinking enough to want to help you be successful by offering the right mix and the right equipment all from one supplier.

 A third option that is viable in many areas of the Country and especially in Ohio is the Somero Laser Screed with a pervious head on it.  On a large parking lot you can install about 500 yards a day of pervious concrete if your producer can keep up with you.  One of the tricks with this setup is to use a conveyor belt to deliver the concrete to the recharge bed and to unload two trucks at a time onto the belt to keep the screed moving.

 The last thing to think about before submitting your bid is to consider whether you want to do this job alone or if having a consultant onsite to help guide you and share their expertise with you makes sense.  There are four or five of us around the country that have between ten and twenty five years of experience that can keep you out of trouble and make sure that you don’t get a call back because the pervious didn’t work.

Bob Banka is President of Concrete Management Solutions and has been involved with the development of pervious concrete for over twenty years.   To learn more visit:  http://www.perviousconsulting.com