10 Tips to Consider with Concrete Stain

Concrete stain, a rapidly growing design trend, allows for a more attractive appearance when applied to garage floors and other concrete surfaces. Staining concrete isn’t all that complicated and it’s an affordable way to give your concrete space a decorative appearance. However, keep in mind there are ten things you should consider beforehand when shopping for a concrete stain.

1) Decide if you’d like to work with an acid-based or acrylic stain. There is more precaution required with an acid-based stain because of its chemical compound make-up, which may cause irritations, strong odors and provide unpredictable results.  An acrylic stain is more like a water-based latex paint. The odors are not as easily detected and the stain doesn’t contain as many corrosive elements. An acrylic will actually seep down into the concrete’s pours creating a better coverage for existing flaws.

2) Concrete stain is normally applied with a sprayer so be sure that nearby areas and landscaping are covered and protected from overspray.

3) Take into consideration that by applying stain to the concrete, any existing variations or blemishes will be magnified rather than hidden.

4) View and explore the full range of colors available in concrete stains.

5) Just like any other color staining application, be sure to test a small area of concrete once you’ve selected your color before applying to the entire surface.

6) Master and practice your staining procedure before tackling a large area. If in doubt, consider hiring a professional with concrete staining experience. Too little stain will leave an area with less color and too much stain will cause uneven colorations.

7) Before applying the stain, be sure the concrete surface has been neutralized and all residue has been removed.

8) After the staining application, expect to apply a sealant that too must be applied evenly and properly.

9) Remember that your results can only be as good as the canvas you started with, so don’t expect to transform extremely old or blemished concrete into some beautiful masterpiece.

10) Should you not have the time to practice or the patience, hiring a professional concrete staining applicator may be the best investment for your project.

For more information on concrete stains, colors and qualified professionals, feel free to contact any of the professional staff members at Ohio Ready Mix  to discuss the best methods to protect your investment.